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T$UYO$HI -ba-


2000年にdrugstorecowboyのベーシストとしてデビュー。その後PaymoneyTomyPainを結成。国内ラウドシーンに多大なる影響を与えるもKの他界により活動休止。ベース以外にもリミックスや映画の劇伴製作なども行なう。また2017年より自身の洋服ブランド「Music Saved My Life」通称「MSML」のディレクター&デザイナーも勤める。

Best known as the bassist of the popular rock band “Pay money To my Pain”.
He has debuted as member of “drug store cowboy” from EMI in 2000, accumulating his brilliant music careers including as composer offering songs to popular organic duo “Def tech”, joining in the Japanese deva “Namie Amuro” tour as live tour band member.
He also initiated to develop his original, 3 strings bass instrument with COMBAT for seeking to build up his own bass sounds.
T$UYO$HI has got a tattoo with LOVE on the back of his lip, as sign of a profound love to his family.